Dext (Prepare with Receipt Bank) Expense Reports

Expense Reports provide a space to collate an individual's reimbursable payments.

Make sure your employees are set up as Basic Users (Expense reports = OFF, Publishing rights = OFF) in Dext and ask them to download the mobile app so they can scan their receipts for expenses incurred.

Have employees submit their expenses to Dext via email or via the mobile app on a prescribed basis to align with the employer's payments schedule or agreed reimbursement dates.

Only certain users can create expense reports. This is dependent on their level of User Privilege.

  • Admin Users can create and edit anyone's Expense Reports
  • Expense Approvers can create Expense Reports for any user if they have the 'Expense reports' toggle turned to "ON"
  • Basic Users can create  Expense Reports for only themselves if they have the 'Expense reports' toggle turned to "ON"

The 'Expense reports' toggle is available when adding a new user to an account, or when editing the permissions of an existing user from the 'Account Settings'>'Maintain Users'>'Manage'>'Edit User Privileges' window.


Create an Expense Report from the Dext Inbox

  • Select the item(s) you want to add to your new expense report using the check-boxes down the left-hand side of the page.
  • Click 'Add to expense report' in the black toolbar.


  • Specify
  1. The Account User who submitted these transactions
  2. The date the report should close
  3. The name of the Expense Report
  4. Click 'Add'


The new report will be available to view, edit and publish from the 'Expense Reports' section of the account. Any items that have been added to an Expense Report will be available to view from inside the report, or from the Archive.

You can add additional transactions to an Expense Report by selecting the items, clicking 'Add to Existing Report' and choosing the report.

Automate the creation of Expense Reports in Dext

By using Effortless Expense Reports:

  • A new report will be created for each user every week, fortnight or month.
  • Any new items submitted by users with Effortless Expense Reports will be automatically added to their report
  • At the end of the report period, the Expense Report will automatically close and a new report will be created

You can set up Effortless Expense Reports by:

1. Accessing the 'Expense Reports' tab

2. Clicking on the 'Effortless Expense Reports' button


3. You'll enter the setup wizard. Click 'Next'.

4. Specify how frequently you'd like new reports to be issued (weekly, fortnightly or monthly). Click 'Next'

5. Specify which date of the month (if Effortless Expense Reports are being issued monthly), or day of the week (for weekly or fortnightly) you'd like the Expense Reports to be created. Click 'Next'.

6. Specify which users on the account should have Effortless Expense Reports.

Note: users with Effortless Expense Reports will have all of their submitted documents automatically added to their Expense Report.


7. Specify whether you'd like existing items in the Inbox from your specified account users to be included in the Expense Report.

8. Click 'Create'. The new Expense Reports will be created.

You can identify Effortless Expense Reports from regular Expense Reports. The 'Robot' icon indicates that an Expense Report has been created through an Effortless Expense Report.

You can edit how Effortless Expense Reports work in this account at any time, by pressing the 'Effortless Expense Reports' button in the top-right of the screen.


Editing an Expense Report

After you've created an Expense Report, it will be available to view, edit and publish from the 'Expense Reports' tab.

Click into the Expense Reports tab to view all of the reports you've previously created.


Click on 'Expense Report' in the 'Type' column to view a single Expense Report in more detail. Here, you can view each of the transactions that make up the report, and edit the report as a whole.


Click the blue hyperlink in the "ID" column to view and edit the transaction; the same you would normally do from the Dext inbox. Categorise each transaction to be able to publish the Expense Report to an Integrated Accounting Software.

Use the toolbar on the right-hand side of the page to change the fundamental details about the report (such as the name of the report, the individual who owns the transactions, the due date, etc.) or preview the report in its current state.

When you've compiled and completed an Expense Report, you can:

  • Publish it to an Integrated Accounting Software
  • Download it as a PDF or CSV file using the 'Download' button on the black toolbar
  • Email it to someone using the 'Send via e-mail' option after clicking the 'Download' button on the black toolbar.
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