Getting started with Dext (Prepare with Receipt Bank)

Dext will help streamline the processing of your supplier invoices, receipts and bills saving you time and improving the efficiency of your finance function.

Getting Started

Your Dext account has been set up and you will have already received your login credentials.

Where Deloitte manages your cloud ledger subscription, your Dext account will have been integrated to your cloud ledger.  If you own your own ledger, you will need to link your Dext account to your cloud ledger. This article will guide you through the process - How to integrate Dext to your cloud ledger.


Submitting your Receipts and Invoices

1. How to use the Mobile App

As part of the Dext set up, if you provided your mobile number you would have received an SMS message with a link to download the mobile app. Your user account will be added to the app during the download.


The app is perfect for:

  • Taxi receipts
  • Train tickets
  • Restaurant/cafe receipts
  • Anything you buy while out-and-about

2. Submitting items by email

You have been provided with your unique OCR email-in address which is where you send your digital receipts and invoices. Your email-in address will always end with ''.

Email submissions are ideal for:

  • Uber receipts
  • Amazon receipts
  • Mobile phone invoices
  • Anything that gets emailed to you

Review and publish your items

Once your submissions have been processed they will appear in your Dext inbox. You then just need to check the category codes and that the data captured is correct, before publishing each item to your cloud ledger.

Start automating

Once you have a handle on how Dext works, you can start customising Dext to help automate the handling of your data.

The easiest way to start is by,

Need help?

We recommend you check out the Dext Help Centre.  It contains lots of information from 'getting started' to the use of the more advanced features in Dext.

Should you ever have a question about tax or what's a legitimate expense, please ask your Deloitte Private engagement team.

If you need assistance with your Dext account, please contact the Deloitte Private Cloud Advisory Team.



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