Fathom MFA - Phone call option

How to set up Phone call as your preferred MFA method

During the MFA enrolment process you will need to select your preferred method for multi-factor authentication. From the options provided, click on 'Call my primary phone'.

Select your country code from the drop-down and enter your phone number. 

After clicking 'Call Me Now to Verify My Details', you will receive a phone call with instructions on how to authenticate.

IMPORTANT: If you are located outside the U.S. or Canada, you must be able to receive international phone calls to use the phone call authentication method.

After configuring your primary authentication method, you will be asked to configure an alternate option using either the Mobile app or Text message.

We recommend you set up an alternate authentication method, to decrease the likelihood of being completely locked out of an MFA-enabled application in a situation where you are unable to access your primary authentication method.

Upon completion, you will be alerted that your multi-factor authentication was successful.

Click continue to be logged into the Fathom application.

Go to Step 6. - Navigate to your Fathom account and complete the last 2 steps to ensure trouble-free access to your Fathom account.



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