Fathom Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) instruction guide


Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) provides an additional level of identity verification to help prevent unauthorized access to Deloitte applications. When an application is enabled for MFA, a second authentication process is required to access the application. 

Before using MFA to access Deloitte applications, a one-time enrolment is necessary. When enrolling, you will select your MFA authentication method. Until enrolment is completed, you will be unable to access applications enabled to require a second authentication factor through MFA.


  • If you access multiple Deloitte applications, you will only need to go through this enrolment process once. However, you may need to enrol in MFA more than once if you access any Deloitte applications that use an alternative MFA solution.
  • You will be able to use your mobile device to enrol in and authenticate for MFA.

Step 1. - Clear your browser history

Before you start, we recommend that you clear your cache and open a new browser session.

If using Google Chrome (recommended),

  • Go to the eclipse dots in the top right hand corner and click to display menu
  • Select 'More tools' > Clear browsing data
  • Make sure 'Time range = All time' and
  • Browsing history, Cookies and other site data and Cached images and files are ticked. Then, click 'Clear Data'.

Note: Fathom does not support Internet Explorer.

Step 2. - Activate your account

Locate and open the email from noreply-logon@deloitte.com  with the subject heading 'Your account needs to be activated'.

Click on the link titled 'Activate your account'.

Step 3. - Set up your account

Set up your password and select your preferred language.

Configure your MFA method. This can either be Authenticator app or Mobile phone.

Select your primary MFA method.

Select Complete.

You will receive a notification with 'Activation successful'.

Step 4. - Verify your account

Select the word here in the Activation successful notification.

Enter your email address and your CIAM password.

Enter the verification code that was sent to your mobile via SMS, or the Authenticator app code, and then select Verify.

Locate and open the email from noreply-logon@deloitte.com  with the subject heading 'Your account has been activated'.


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