Fathom MFA - The client cannot locate temporary password to enrol in MFA

If a client is having an issue with Fathom MFA enrolment because they have misplaced the original email from MFA@Deloitte, the list of temporary passwords issued on 24 October 2018, can be located in the attached file.

We are aware that if clients have not read the email comms forwarded to them on 24 October, they may have deleted the original email from MFA@Deloitte,thinking it was spam.

In such instances, please ask the client to action the below steps.  This is written in the first tense so that you can copy and paste into your response to the client.

Step 1. We recommend that before you commence, you clear your cache (otherwise your browser will look to your previous Fathom login history) and open a new browser session.

Step 2. Please go to https://app.fathomhq.com/sso/deloitte, which should display the sign in options below.

Step 3. Please select ‘Client or business partner’. Create a New Password screen should display.

Step 4. Enter the Temporary Password = [temporary password], then nominate your New Password and confirm.

Step 5. You will then be taken to Deloitte Online to enter your newly established login credentials.

Step 6. When you sign in with your email and new password, you will be taken through the MFA enrolment process which will secure your Fathom login with multi-factor authentication.

Although it is fairly intuitive, the MFA Enrolment Guide will step you through the process.  Please note it does take a few minutes to complete but it is an one-time set up.

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