Shared ledger accounting software terms & conditions

Deloitte Private Connect services require that your accounts are established in a cloud-based platform.  Where Deloitte has been asked to arrange the purchase of your cloud ledger accounting software (Software), you will need to enter into terms and conditions from the Software service provider associated with your use of the Software. The Software terms and conditions (Software Terms), which will be applicable to you and your authorised users (including Deloitte), are available on the Software service provider website. For the avoidance of doubt, you will be “You” in any such terms.

We will assist you with setting up the Software as set out below, but otherwise will have no continuing responsibilities in respect of the provision of the Software to you, which is made available to you directly from the Software service provider, in accordance with the Software Terms.

Software set-up

After we complete the set-up of your cloud-based ledger you will receive an email with a link enabling you to access your ledger.

If you need assistance establishing the Software for your use or you require assistance with accounting data conversion, we are happy to assist. Please note that data conversion services will be subject to a separate Engagement Letter

Payment Details

The payment by you relates to the purchase of the Software at cost on a monthly subscription basis commencing on the date your cloud ledger is activated by Deloitte.  This will be your subscription start date.

The cost for the purchase of the Software is inclusive of GST. Any price increases by the Software provider will be passed on to you at the date of the increase in accordance with the Software service provider’s terms.

Where you authorise a change of plan for your ledger subscription(s), the change in the monthly subscription will be reflected in the next billing period.

In the event that your contract with the Software provider is terminated for any reason, any fees you have paid for the Software will be non-refundable.  You must inform us of your Software termination within 7 days.

If you cease to be a client of Deloitte Private we will make the necessary arrangements for continuing access to your Software with the Software provider. We cannot, however, guarantee that the price agreed above will continue to be available to you.

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