Can't login to Private Connect using MFA?

Deloitte introduced Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) to the Private Connect platform on January 15th, to provide users with a greater level of security when accessing applications and data held by Deloitte.  An email was sent to all users on to inform and provide instructions on how to enrol for MFA.  If you have mislaid this information, the following will step you through the process.

A link to the MFA Enrolment guide is provided below.

1.​  Go to the Connect Private Platform login page - and click on 'click here' to complete the MFA registration process as shown below.


Note:  The initial set up may take a few minutes but it is only completed once.  During this process you will be taken to the Office365 portal as Deloitte use Microsoft Azure as the Cloud service for MFA. 

2.  You will be asked to enter your email, set your password and provide your mobile number.  After this you will be given the option to select authentication via one of 3 methods:

i.    Authentication phone (ie mobile)
ii.   Mobile phone call or text
iii.  Mobile app

3.  When your MFA enrolment has been completed, you will be logged onto the Private Connect platform and will be able to access Transact and Analyser via single-sign-on in the usual manner.

The instructions for MFA registration are located here - MFA Enrolment.  They are quite detailed because they cover all possible scenarios.  We recommend that you follow the screen prompts initially and use the Enrolment Guide as a reference if you have a problem.

Please reach out to our Support team at if you need assistance or have any issues.

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