Paying suppliers

Through Transact you are able to:

  • Track payments to suppliers
  • Review and approve individual invoice and batch payments
  • Authorise payments for domestic suppliers.

When an online payment needs to be made you will receive an email notifying you that you have a payment to review and approve.

To review and approve these payments follow these steps:

1.  In the Transact Message Board, select the message link in the Payments section

2.  A list of your supplier invoices will display and you will be able to review the invoices due for payment. You can deselect individual invoices, adjust the payment amount to part pay, approve or reject the payment batch as required

3.  After you select Approve the system sends an SMS with a 6 digit code to the mobile number nominated for your Deloitte Private Connect account. Enter the code and select Submit


4.  If you do not wish to proceed with a Payment Batch, select Reject to reject the entire batch. You will be prompted to enter a comment regarding the reason for rejecting the batch. Insert the comment and select Ok to save.

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