Business performance metrics

A number of key metrics critical for evaluating the success of business performance are tracked and managed through our Analyser tool. The application pulls data from your cloud ledger (Xero, QuickBooks or MYOB) and overlays analysis and metrics.

The insights are presented in eight modules:

  KPIs     Trend
  View your set Prime Practice KPIs and view how you’re tracking against them.     Trends over time across various metrics ( for example revenue)
  Profitability     Goal seek
  Tracks key metrics e.g. break-even point and margin of safety     Interactive goal and target seeking
  Cash flow     Compare
  Presents your operating, net and free cash flow; i.e. how you’re spending your money     See how your practice compares to other members on the platform
  Growth     Rank
  Graphs depicts segments of quality growth versus stress     Rank how your business is performing in comparison to others

The data underlying the reporting in these modules will be as current as at the date of the last bank reconciliation.

During your account setup your dedicated advisor will work with you to establish KPIs and goals which are tailored to your business.

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